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  • Lafayette Educational Article of the Month - How to keep wild Lafayette animals out of the garbage cans

How to keep wild Lafayette animals out of the garbage cans

Have you ever walked out of your house to get the morning paper only to find that your garbage cans have been turned over and all your trash is littered on your front yard for your neighbors to see? Garbage cans are the equivalent to an all you can eat dinner buffet for wild animals.

In a lot of cases, wild Lafayette animals are creatures of opportunity. If they see a chance at a free meal, then they are going to seize the opportunity and do whatever they have to eat. It can be irritating to walk outside and find your cans overturned and your trash blowing in the wind.

There are a few methods you can use to keep animals like Louisiana rats, opossums, skunks, foxes, and raccoons from rooting through your trash. One of the most obvious things you can try first is putting lids on them. Most animals aren't smart enough to figure out how to remove the covers on a garbage can. By placing a cover tightly and securely on top, you are discouraging any animal from getting to your yummy discarded food.

However, this doesn't always work because if they can't get them open, then they will merely tip them over. A way to prevent garbage can tipping, place your cans inside some sort of holder. This can be built out of cement blocks. Just build it wide enough to put your cans in. Then make sure the lids are in place, then you're good to go.

You can minimize the risk of Lafayette animals wandering to your trash by reducing the smell of garbage. By rinsing any wrappers, you are lessening the enticing aroma of waste. Also, a good option is a metal trashcan. While some can remove the lids of trash cans, by using metal cans you are reducing the risk of rodents chewing on the side of your can. Rodents like mice, squirrels, rats, and even opossums can easily and quickly chew through plastic cans.

When a wild Louisiana animal is present on your property, it is because they are looking for food and sometimes shelter. It is always important to remember that while these animals are hungry, it is never a good idea to feed them. They will keep coming back to the source of the food. When you stop feeding them, they might turn destructive in their search for more food.

This can cause many problems because your pets or children might encounter them. Wild Lafeyette animals can be dangerous and have a great potential for many diseases and illnesses. Always exercise caution when wild animals are present, and if you have a reason for more concern, you can always call for further assistance by contacting animal control.

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