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  • Lafayette Educational Article of the Month - Where should I relocate a trapped wild Lafayette animal?

Where should I relocate a trapped wild Lafayette animal?

If you have to ask where to relocate a wild Lafayette animal, you have probably not obtained the permits necessary to relocate or trap an animal. If this is the case, call your local animal control immediately and a professional can relocate the animal for you. If this is not an option and you are intent on relocating the animal yourself, relocation depends on the animal in question and the habitat in which the animal has been heretofore surviving.

If you live in a wild area and the Louisiana animal has primarily survived in the wild, you may relocate an animal provided you have the permits and licensure required to do so in your local county or state. Permits and licensure are important because relocating a wild animal to the wrong area can damage the ecosystem as well as the animal in question. Provided you have the licensure and permits, check the Humane Wildlife Control website to discover where in your area you can take the animal so it may thrive. Given the animal in question has probably been thriving in your area for a good reason, relocation is not recommended unless it is performed by a professional; the risk is that you may be taking the animal too far out of its habitat or keeping it too close to home, in which case it is likely to return.

Depending on the Lafayette animal's adaptability, however, relocation may be a feasible option. Rodents like mice, squirrels, rats, skunks, and rabbits, are often highly adaptable and eat a variety of foods. They are likely to adapt in many environments depending on their age. Still, relocating these animals is likely to damage them or perpetuate the problem in someone else's back yard. These creatures are adaptable because they are good at seeking out resources, resources that are often human-provided. Your best bet is to avoid relocating the animal yourself. Call a professional animal control professional to do the job so you can ensure legality and humane treatment of the animal.

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